Angel and Arthur in Love Sublimation Print Large (Up to A3)


Angel and Arthur in Love is available as a ready to press Sublimation Print up to A3 in size.

This listing is for up to A3 size, please check my other listings for up to A4 in size (A4 or smaller has cheaper shipping options as they can be shipped flat).

(Please see below for more information)

Please input the maximum height for Noel in Inches. Maximum height available for large prints is 16 inches.

Please input the maximum width for Noel in Inches. Maximum width available for small prints is 11 inches.

Angel and Arthur in Love Sublimation Print Large (Up to A3), choose if you would like to have speech bubbles or not!

Large prints are a maximum of 11 x 16 inches

Input your custom size specifications.


When you choose your size, please also input the MAXIMUM size that you would like the height of your print to be (including speech bubbles) and the MAXIMUM width you would like your print to be. Images will be sized accordingly. The artwork will not match your sizes exactly, we will choose the largest possible size for you based on the sizes you provide us with taking the height and width of the artwork into account.


Sublimation prints need specific tools for pressing such as heat presses and mug presses. These are NOT suitable for application with an iron. Please only order these if you have the right equipment.

You will need to contact your blanks supplier for pressing guides.

Images will be printed using a professional Sawgrass SG1000 with sublijet inks. We don’t use off brand products for your printing.

Weight .2501 kg


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