Avatar Design


Please leave as much detail as you can for the idea and style you would like your Avatar designed.

Are you looking for head and shoulders or full body?

Please leave details of colours you would like me to keep in mind while designing your avatar

If you have a reference picture, you can upload it here

(max file size 2 GB)

If you have a reference picture, you can upload it here

(max file size 2 GB)

If you have a reference picture, you can upload it here

(max file size 2 GB)

Is there any text you would like included in your Avatar design? ie- Business/Stream Name

Would you love your own illustrated Avatar Design for your business or stream? Maybe a blog or club?

I would love to work with you to design and illustrate your Avatar for you!

What’s an avatar?

An Avatar is a cartoon character that either looks like you, or is designed to look like your specifications. It can be human or an animal, or a mix!

You’ll see some samples here of my previous Avatar design’s and my art style. You’re welcome to send me pictures of the styles that you like but please bare my art style in mind. I do not do hyper realistic art, the samples here are the styles that your character can be designed in.

Avatars are a great way to create a memorable image for your customers. For example- everyone knows what the Pringles character looks like! If you see him without Pringles, you still know who he is!

They’re also a great way to encourage extra sales, selling your Avatar as stickers or on mugs etc will be a constant reminder of your business to your customer.

Here you can place your order for your Avatar design.

The Process-

My Avatar design service will be led with feedback from you about the kind of character that you would like.

I will first start my contacting you though email (or though the method you contacted me if we have spoken previously), I will ask some questions about what you’re looking to have illustrated and I’ll ask for some reference pictures if you have any (you don’t necessarily need these, this is just incase you do).

I’ll do a rough sketch of the idea and the pose- send this on for approval, I can make any changes at this stage to the pose and sketch. Once this gets approved I’ll draw the actual line art- this will again be sent on for approval, any changes to the lineart can be made at this stage. Finally I’ll add the colour- again send on for approval- make any changes requested and then export the final piece.

You will receieve your Avatar as a PNG file. I can provide it in different sizes depending on your requirements. You will receive versions with and without plain backgrounds, so you can use your new Avatar to watermark your photos for online advertising.


Important Information-

Please note- once the initial sketch has been approved, only minor changes can be made to the design. Any major changes will incur an additional fee.

Commercial/Merchandise License is NOT included in price- this can be purchased separately if you intend to use the Avatar for finished products as the main piece of work- such as stickers, mugs, greetings cards etc.

The gallery provided has some previous Avatars that I have designed for my customers.

If we haven’t already been in touch, please fill in the form below with as much information as you can about the style of Avatar that you would like. If your not sure, just leave your email address and I will be in touch. Please keep an eye on your emails as this is how I will contact you.

Please see the purple bar at the top of the screen to see the estimated start time for your Hand Drawn Artwork.


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