Communion Girl Bookmark (Customisable Character)


First Holy Communion Book Marks, the perfect keepsake for your Communion Girl.

The Characters are completely customizable in the options below.

Each Bookmark comes with a tassel in a random colour.

If you would like custom text please fill it in here. We will not print ‘My First Holy Communion’ on your bookmark unless you type it in this box if you chose custom. We will print only what you type in here and exactly as it is typed. Please include ALL text that you want printed on your bookmark. The font will be the same as the font in the pictures.


How sweet are these Holy Communion Girl Bookmarks?

These are a really sweet with keepsake for your little Communion Girl.

When ordering- choose from the following options (Please see the pictures above so you can clearly see the differences)

Skin Colour- Light, Medium or Dark.

Eye Colour- Blue, Green or Brown.

Hair Colour- Blonde, Brown, Black or Ginger.

Hair Style- Upstyle or Down.

You can also choose to customise the text (The font type will remain the same. If you’re choosing custom text, please type ALL of the text you would like printed on your book mark, including ‘My First Holy Communion’ if you wish this to be on the book mark).

Bookmarks are 16.5cm tall and 4.5cm wide.

Weight .01 kg