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Welcome to your one-stop destination for your custom badge design service.

I specialize in crafting personalized badges that perfectly represent your brand, organization, event, or personal identity.

Whether you need badges for selling at fairs, conferences, schools, clubs, or any other occasion, I am here to bring your vision to life.

Please see full information under ‘Important Details’ below, to ensure you make the correct selection.

Please include the details that you would like printed on the badges, such as names and the date etc, please also leave us some details about the style of badge you would like. Ideas for this would be a badge to your wedding theme, so if your theme is navy and burgundy, we can do some options up with a navy and burgundy theme.

Upload any files here that you would like to show us if you have something in mind for your custom badges, we can also print photos on the badges, so please upload your photo here if you would like custom badges with a photo, if you have trouble uploading or need to send us more images, please email them to

(max file size 2 GB)
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Custom Badge Design

Why Choose Us:

  1. Unmatched Creativity: I will work closely with you to understand your requirements and preferences. There are a few different options to choose from when designing your badges. I can design anything from the simplest text only badge design, all the way up to hand drawn artwork.
  2. Tailored Solutions: No project is too big or too small for us. We cater to diverse needs, offering customized solutions that suit your specific purpose and budget.
  3. Top-Quality Materials: We believe in delivering badges of exceptional quality. That’s why we use premium materials that not only look great but also withstand the test of time.
  4. Affordable Pricing: I offer competitive pricing packages to make custom badge design accessible to all.


Our Services:

  1. Resale Badges: Perfect for selling at shows, events and in your store. Badges are easy to sell especially to a younger audience and the income from them adds up really quickly, especially with our bulk order options for purchasing the finished badges.
  2. Corporate Badges: Elevate your brand’s image with professional corporate badges that exude class and professionalism. Ideal for employee identification, conferences, and events.
  3. Event Badges: Make your events memorable and enhance attendee experience with unique event badges that reflect your event’s theme.
  4. School Badges: Foster a sense of belonging among students and faculty with custom school badges, perfect for academic achievements and school events.
  5. Club and Organization Badges: Showcase your club’s identity with eye-catching badges that promote camaraderie and unity among members.
  6. Personal Badges: Express yourself or surprise your loved ones with personalized badges that speak to individual personalities, interests, and hobbies.


Our Design Process:

  1. Initial Communication: Share your badge design ideas with me either here or through the contact form, and I will guide you through the process, offering suggestions and insights.
  2. Conceptualization: I will create initial concepts based on your preferences and requirements, giving you a glimpse of the badge’s potential look.
  3. Refinement: I welcome your feedback and will make necessary revisions until the design aligns perfectly with your vision.


Important details-

When ordering your custom badge design, please leave me as much detail as you can in the form below with your idea so I can come up with the perfect badge for you.

Please also keep an eye on your emails as I will send some options to your email, so you can have a look and see what you like. I can also edit these options to make sure you have the perfect badge for business or event.

Please note, this is for the badge design only and does not include any badges. You can purchase your badges HERE.

The images here are some of the badges that I have designed for other customers. Please note this is NOT Logo design and the files you receive will not be able to be used for anything other than printing badges.

Option One- Text only badges. These are badges with a plain coloured background and simple text only. No imagery or artwork will be included.

Option Two-  Graphic badges. These badges will be designed using elements that I hold commercial rights to use. You’ll get a few options to choose from and we can refine them to your choosing but there will be no hand drawn elements so there will be limitations to this artwork.

Option Three- Hand drawn badges. These badges will be hand drawn by me- please see the pictures on this listing to ensure you like my art style before ordering. These will be designed just for you and will come with a commercial license for you to resell the finished badges- please see copyright statement below.

The Copyright statement here is just for Option Three- Hand drawn badges-


MeMyselfAndMisha owns the copyright to this file(s). By purchasing you are agreeing to the following terms and use:

You DO NOT have permission to resell this design as a downloadable file or any other form of file or product, only badges created with the design.

DO NOT share this file with anyone.

Due to the electronic nature of this product, there can be no refunds for any reason.


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