Irish Learning Cushion Cover


Our unique Irish Learning Cushion Cover is designed to create an engaging and immersive learning experience for your little ones, all while they snuggle up in comfort.

Fun and Interactive Learning:

Learning should be fun, and our cushions are designed with just that in mind! Each cushion features interactive elements like numbers, colors, shapes, and basic Irish phrases. Watch as your toddler joyfully explores the cushion, learning new words and concepts with every touch.

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This is the cushion for inside your cushion cover

Please type the name here and the colour you would like the name to be. If no colour is chosen, the name will be printed in Yellow. If there should be a fada in the name, please let us know what letter it should be over.

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Irish Learning Cushion Cover

Premium Quality:

All our cushions are crafted from premium materials that are soft and durable. 50% polyester/ 50% cotton.

Nurturing a Love for Irish Culture:

We believe that early exposure to language and culture is a gift that lasts a lifetime. By introducing Gaelic through our learning cushions, we aim to instill a love and appreciation for Irish culture from an early age, creating a strong foundation for future language learning.

A Gift That Keeps Giving:

Looking for a thoughtful gift for a special toddler? Our Irish Learning Cushions are the perfect choice! Not only will you be giving the gift of comfort, but also a lifelong connection to the beautiful language and culture of Ireland.

Join the Gaelic Learning Journey:

Embrace the magic of Gaelic with your toddler by bringing home our Irish Learning Cushions.


Your Irish Learning Cushion Cover can be personalised in the center to add the little ones name! Please add the name to the option below and ensure correct spelling and let us know what colour you would like the name to be.

(Please also pop a note with any letters that should have a fada in the name).

Your Irish Learning Cushion Cover is 45cm square

Washing machine safe (No Dryers)
Option of colours for the reverse side.

Would you like to print this yourself and also sell your finished products onto your own customers? You can purchase the PNG file right here.

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Weight .1 kg